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Why AI is a terrible pair programmer

Artificial intelligence is popping up everywhere these days. It has even found its way into the developer's workplace. But can AI deliver what it promises? Or are some tasks better left to the human mind?

How git rebase can break your history

A git feature that is commonly seen as an advantage is being able to rewrite history. This ability allows for features such as rebase to exist. Git users seem to prefer rebasing over merge commits, because it keeps the commit history clean. But does that justify breaking your history?

Your Content Security Policy is a security seatbelt

Web application security is a delicate topic. There are many techniques you can implement to minimize the chance of security incidents. But what can you do to prevent the damage when things do go wrong?

Writing perfect code: a story on paralysis analysis

In my early days as a software developer, I was only concerned with the results of the code I wrote. But as I progressed, I started thinking about the code itself, not only its outcome. After I while I found myself getting stuck, thinking too much about every little detail.

The beginning of a journey

Software development is all about creating wonderful things. That's what drew me into this art. After years of being tempted to write about my experiences in the field I'm finally making the first step.

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